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The coach they choose, every single time?

I Help Coaches Capture Attention, Build Trust, And Close The Sale By Building Their Trusted Authority Brand.

Hi friend, I’m Hendra, Your Brand Coach

Most coaches (especially newer coaches) want more (and better) clients.

And that means ultimately more money from their business, more security for their family, and peace of mind.

And I don’t know about you, but if we have more peace of mind. We can be more present with our family. Have a more fulfilled life as we help our clients create their best life. We would be free to do the things we really want to do without all the rules and regulations others put on us. We would be the one determining what our day looks like. 

Capturing your best client’s attention, building trust with them, and closing the sale. Should be fun not stressful.

You spend too much time, money and energy to still not be attracting the clients you want. You started your coaching business because you wanted security, freedom and to have fun helping people.

If you want me to personally, for FREE, help you get clear on how you can start capturing your dream client’s attention, build authentic trust with them and close the sale (at the rates you know you deserve). 

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Magnetic messaging is a framework for creating a presence in your market that positions you as the go-to authority on solving your potential client’s problems. It’s easier than it sounds and I’ll walk you through this and show you how to map out your magnetic messaging framework.

02 Authority branding


People will give you a label before you even get that chance. We engineer the label they give you before they create their own. Using brand design and other strategies like using the right photos in the right way, you can drastically change the label you are perceived at which places you in a position to attract your best clients at the rates you deserve.  

03 conversion strategy


This is where we put everything together and create your client conversion strategy using marketing systems that gets you qualified leads, and bookings consistently. At this point they are already raving fans that we turn into clients. 

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Would you like me to personally show you, for FREE, what you can do to increase your perceived value, improve your messaging, conversions, and all that stuff so you can attract better clients and rates?

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Marie Adell

Growth Coach For Moms


There is nobody else for you except Hendra!! She is absolutely 100% thorough in interviewing you, working with you step by step to really understand you and your brand, and provides value in spades.

Marianne Jones

Freedom & Fulfillment Coach


It’s a true reflection of me and my brand values. My clients love it too. It’s for sure one is the best investment I’ve made for my business.

Brenda Bennette

Habits Mastery Coach


“Hendra not only helps you to look the part of the trusted expert, more importantly she helps you to FEEL it. She brings out the best in you so you can bring your best to the world.”

my amazing





Hi, I’m Hendra Niekerk

So – what do you want to know?

I live in South Africa with my husband, Michael. We have three kids we homeschool. We also have three rescue dogs, we treasure dearly.

I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

You’re probably wondering,

Is This Chick Worth My Time And Attention?

For many, my answer is NO.

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