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I work with NEW coaches who feel lost, confused, and unnoticed. Become the confident expert their audience deserves, and get paid to change the world.

...WITHOUT Wasting Hours Building Funnels And Troubleshooting Ads.

Hi friend, I’m Hendra Niekerk

You just got certified. You are all excited. You believe everyone is going to come running to you. But it’s crickets for months. You sign one or two occasional clients at less than $50 per session.
Most of your clients are family and friends, and you hardly ever charge them. You go on social media telling people what you do and end up taking on nightmare clients to just get paid and prove to your skeptical family and friends, you have a “real” business.
The frustration builds and you start buying course after course, you create this funnel, and that funnel. You run ads that take all your money you do manage to make. You still are nowhere closer to having a steady stream of clients.
You are now in a state of desperation and despair as you look through some corporate jobs that can’t even cover your mortgage.
Am I close? Here’s what you really need…
Unlocking your successful niche, one you can love
A focused day to day visibility strategy to attract high-paying clients consistently.
A Honed system that is simple to follow, practical and confidence boosting all at the same time, so growth happens fast.
A community to support you while you find your feet, create your soul business, and sign your best clients, over and over.
I created my program to help you capture the attention of high-paying clients consistently without feeling overwhelmed, confused, or spending all day “doing random acts of marketing” . Let’s get you started.

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3 action areas

When we work together, we focus on 3 core action areas to increase your visibility as an expert in crowded coaching industry. 

01 capture


Can’t seem to stand out in a noisy crowd of everyone else shouting for people’s money?

With so many fancy coaches making noise in the internet world. It can feel like you are caught in an overpopulated niche. So how do you stand out?

Being the same as everyone else does not sell

Nothing is going to change for you, until you get your  messaging right.  It allows you to capture the attention of your best clients instantly. This is why we start with this part first! 



02 build trust by being yourself


You see, you may want to make a bunch of money as a coach, but you’re not sure how to build trust with those dreamy clients. Maybe you struggle trying to bang out a few words on your computer about your service.

We create an online presence that not only grabs attention though a neat idea called: Goodwill Marketing. Thoughtful, strategically sharing your ideas. Which breaks through that massive wall of distrust and excites your best client to where she’s rushing to her handbag to grab her credit card to furiously type in her details and book you.

03 close
the sale


Maybe you hate the idea of trying to sell it … maybe “selling” is a dirty word to you, something  that means lying and manipulation.  Maybe you don’t want to overdo the “pitching” of your services so you don’t offend your audience. 

We build your “Book Clients” system that sells you to your best clients in a way that feels authentic, ethical, and helps you to make a difference in people’s lives.

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Marie Adell

Growth Coach For Moms

There is nobody else for you except Hendra!! She is absolutely 100% thorough in interviewing you, working with you step by step to really understand you and your brand, and provides value in spades.

Marianne Jones

Freedom & Fulfillment Coach

It’s a true reflection of me and my brand values. My clients love it too. It’s for sure one is the best investment I’ve made for my business.

Brenda Bennette

Habits Mastery Coach

“Hendra not only helps you to look the part of the trusted expert, more importantly she helps you to FEEL it. She brings out the best in you so you can bring your best to the world.”




Hi, I’m Hendra Niekerk

So – what do you want to know?

I live in South Africa with my husband, Michael. We have three kids we homeschool. We also have three rescue dogs, we treasure dearly.

I’m guessing that’s not the kind of stuff you’re looking for.

You’re probably wondering,

Is This Chick Worth My Time And Attention?

For many, my answer is NO.