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Hi, I’m


Brand strategist

Hi, I’m Hendra Niekerk, wife, mother of 3 home-schooled kids. Living in South Africa with our 3 dogs. Milo, Rusty and Velvet. 

I started my graphic design career in 2006 where I worked as a designer in a small firm. My work career quickly escalated me to creative director working for the government of South Africa doing their Annual Report designs etc. 

When I was pregnant with my daughter I decided to step into freelancing and spend the next 10 years doing brand designs, the last 5 years for upcoming and established coaches. 

I quickly found that a lot of coaches had no idea how to brand themselves to the right people. We would do incredible graphics but it always felt like expensive art to me. The messaging and the “who” they were branding to, didn’t match or wasn’t clear at all. 

So, I would step in to help them fix that. I soon realized I was coaching my clients on branding to the right person and using the right language they would understand. 

And so, it became what I was known for. Not just branding your visuals. But branding who you are meant to work with and how to speak to them so they GET you. 

It’s truly a passion of mine to help coaches have effective, branding vs just expensive pretty art. I also realized I can only serve a certain type of coach in the best way, therefore I created some “rules” for who I work with (my best-fit clients). 

See them below:


are you a coach?

I only work with coaches. I’ve worked with and for many coaches over the last few years and due to that a strong passion has taken root in my heart for coaches. Especially coaches who are struggling and feeling directionless in their business and need guidance.

I learned and discovered exactly what works and what doesn’t and I enjoy every moment of bringing my expertise, my skills, and knowledge to help them build their authority brands. 


do you have drive?

Building an authority brand takes a lot of work. A lot of guts, sweat and commitment. We will work it till it works like a Rolce Royce. It will take time to get it set up, to build your brand. I love working with coaches who is willing to do what it takes to build their authority brand with me.

There is nothing stopping them. They do what it takes, they adapt, they learn what they need to learn. And the results are mind blowing. I can help these coaches get results. I can’t help those who want a quick fix while doing barely anything or learning something new. 


your vision has to be big enough

I have big dreams that feel so incredible I don’t even know they can be achieved in this lifetime. That is what I love about my work. I get to help build someone else’s big dream.  

I don’t believe anyone will achieve much success without having a humongous vision in mind. There are so many things at play that without that vision it’s just not worth it to you, or me to spend time on a business just to pay the bills. Not with what we are doing together. If you vision is big enough. You are my dream client and I know we can do great things together. 


Still here? Good!

What can you expect from me?

Actionable strategies and tactics you can use in your branding that will help you attract your best clients.

My goal is to help you be in a position to reach the people you are meant to serve and have them feel like you are THE ONE they need.


Gorgeous, high-end branding that will have your competitors feeling like you reached a level they can never reach.

I promise you that! 100% custom designed to captivate your dream clients and cause you stand out from all the others DIYing their brands on Canva.


Commitment and quality.  While we work on your authority branding, your brand becomes my biggest vision and passion.

I give it my all as if it is my own brand I’m building. You will never feel like just another client on my to do list. 

Friendship, support and real heart. The stuff you won’t experience anywhere else, as my clients become my best friends, for life. 

We will be hanging out in Facebook messanger, zoom chats, whatever for as long as you want to stay friends.