Build a brand that transforms your business

Build your captivating, magnetic, and profitable online brand.
Become the only viable choice for your dream clients.

Ever feel like…

”I have no clue what I’m doing”

”I just don’t know why I’m not attracting good clients”

 “This business is never going to happen, I just can’t get it right” 

With so many coaches sprouting up everyday that is doing the same thing you are (well, mostly). It is challenging to grab the attention of dream clients.

It’s even harder when you do have their attention to get them to book your call or buy your course.

Even if you show up and post your best content. The mightly crickets start to sing their smarty pants song of (sucker, nobody wants you). When you do manage to book that ONE client, you end up with a low-paying client who that sucks your dreams right out of you and throw them in the trash. They waste your time and makes you want to quit your business altogether feeling like you will never get this right. 

You dreams of being a rock solid amazing top coach, just feels like a huge pipe dream, far far away in the distant FANTASY WORLD CALLED, “The future”. Sucks right?

It doesn’t have to be YOUR story…

Finally feel like a real expert that “made it”

be the one

they choose

Become a sought-after expert, role model, influencer, and thought-leader in your industry. Position yourself as an expert, by creating a brand strategy and brand that captivates even the most sceptical of the bunch.
Working together, we will create your brand; set up your branding strategies, and start taking massive action toward building your magnetic influence with your dream clients.

Whoever gets in their clients minds, wins

Are you finding it hard to know what your dream clients wants? You will learn what your dream clients are really thinking and wanting so you can create a marketing message that deeply resonates with them. 

Differentiate your brand with an offer that connects

Using the market research we did in phase one, we will craft an offer for your brand, the one big offer that will feel like a no-brainer to your dream clients. Connecting emotionally with them on a deep level. 

Visual branding that sets you apart

People buy based on 86% on what something looks like. They will pay more if something looks sophisticated, professional and well thought out. Visual branding positions you as a professional and expert in your area. 

Establish your unique wow factor

We will work on your WOW factor. That thing that makes your clients your brand ambassadors. Clients who had such an epic experience with you, that they can’t stop talking about how incredible you are. Sending you referrals on an ongoing basis. 

What are you doing to make your dream clients say “WOW, I finally found the coach for me, she is just amazing”?

If you find that question difficult to answer. I want to take a journey with you and help you create a brand that sets you apart. Together we will develop a brand that Wows your potential clients and get you fully booked,consistently. A truly stand out online presence that captivates, and lovingly persuades the people you really want to be working with. 

By the end of the 3 months, you will have the insights you need to create, differentiate and market your services in ways that truly wows and resonate with the people you want to serve and impact. Ready to become captivating, magnetic and just damn good they can’t ignore you? I bet you are. Book your call below!

LOA Twins

Law Of Attraction And Business Coaches, UK


She helped us shift

“Since working with Hendra she has helped us to shift from average to greatness.”

Alecia Kaye

Coach and Founder of Plugged In Moms, USA


It reflects my vision

“My brand really speaks to my customer and reflects my vision perfectly”

Victoria de Trensé

Freedom And Fulfillment Coach


I completely loved it

“She has a fantastic eye for detail and interprets what you want so intuitively..”

your wow

branding plan


Kick-Start your WOW Brand with the core design elements.

  • Logo design
  • Brand theme design (graphic elements, colors, fonts)
  • Brand style guide
  • Branded social media template library created on
  • FREE 15 minutes video training on Canva



Kick-Start your WOW Brand with the core design elements.

  • Logo design
  • Brand theme design (graphic elements, colors, fonts)
  • Brand style guide
  • Branded social media template library created on
  • FREE 15 minutes video training on Canva

A web presence that can show your dream clients, what you can do for them.

  • Website design (5 Pages)
  • Responsive website development using Divi on WordPress
  • Basic CEO setup
  • Basic payment setup for purchasing of services, etc
  • Email sign-up functionality on your website
  • Booking system setup
  • FREE 1 hour Video Training
  • FREE 1 Month maintenance

All Plugins EXCLUDED in price.


OR 2 x Monthly Payments of $1,000
OR 4 x Monthly Payments of $500

*Ask me for the payment plan links.

Build Your WOW Brand

Comprehensive Brand Strategy For Massive Growth For Your Expert Business

Step #1 Market Research

In this step, we work together to hone in on your market. Getting into your clients’ heads so we are speaking their language will position you as a recognized leader in your industry. Once you understand your client’s Dreams, Goals, Challenges, Obstacles, Buying Habits, Objections – it becomes must easier to turn “lurkers” into buyers and even raving fans.

Step #2 Messaging

We build your offers, your brand promise statements, core messaging, etc. So your website and brand become an automatic “heck yes” for your dream clients as they feel understood, and that you ARE the solution to their problems without question.

Step #3 Design & Development (Everything from the “GO PRO” Package)

I design your brand so it positions you as an authority and “go-to” expert but also emotionally connects with your dream clients, leaving them to feel absolutely confident you are the person they need. At the end of the day, when you send people to your website, you will have the confidence knowing it is a powerful ally to help you close the sale.

Step #4 Creating Your WOW Factor

Develop a unique wow experience with all your clients. How you show up online so people become raving fans, repeat buyers, and brand ambassadors creating a constant flow of new clients coming your way. Specially crafted to make you memorable. 

Step #5 Testing And Tweaking

Your brand is launched and beautiful. In this step, we make it even better than it was. We test titles, messaging, visuals, and create a library of content that works in getting you dreamy clients booking your services so you have a brand strategy that is tested and resonates with your dream clients.


OR 2 x Monthly Payments of $2,500
OR 4 x Monthly Payments of $ 1,250

*Ask me for the payment plan links.

there is room 

for you!