Market Surveys

Doing Market Surveys Like An Expert
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Post for survey research

You’ll get a better response if you offer an incentive in exchange for their time.

And the incentive must be relevant to them. If you’re in a “travel hacks” Facebook group, don’t offer a guide on losing weight!

Also, it’s a best practice to check with the group’s administrator to be sure such surveying is permitted. Most will allow it if there are no promotions or sales involved.


Hi guys,

I’m in the midst of launching my coaching business, which is about [insert your focus and core message you are using right now].

I’m looking for [insert target group — e.g., high-achievers/moms] who want to [insert target group’s key goal or desire] to answer a short survey. It won’t take up a lot of your time — I promise!

Here’s a link to the survey: [link]

In return, just to say thanks, I’ll be very happy to send you/help you with [insert your incentive — e.g., free meal planner, website review, clarity call, etc.].

Just to be clear, I won’t be trying to sell you anything. I just want to understand you guys better. 🙂


“Hey [Name/FB Group/Forum]!​


I’m in the process of developing a program that can better serve [TARGET AUDIENCE] just like you [OVERCOME PAINT POINT] so they can [SOLUTION].​

I used to be in the exact same position, and found a way to [GET DESIRED RESULT]. I now am on a mission to help people like you do the same!

That said, by filling out this survey, it will help me tremendously to learn more about [TARGET AUDIENCE] who are struggling with [PAIN POINT] and want to get [SOLUTION].

In exchange for 15 minutes of your time to fill out my survey, I will be selecting 5 lucky people to hop on a FREE 30 minute [ABC Audit] with me so I can help you solve your problem, absolutely no charge!

Here is the link: [link]

Thank you so much!”​

Survey questions

remember: these are just ideas to help you.

information ideas




Social Media


What does your routine look like? 

What is your definition of <insert keyword here>

What are your favourite platforms to consume content? Why? 

What are your hobbies and interests? 

Where do you go for information on <insert niche/category here>

Who are your biggest inspirations when it comes to <insert niche/category here>? Why? 

How would you describe your current <XYZ situation>

What about your current situation do you want to change the most? 

When it comes to __________, what stands out most to you? 

What comes to mind when you think of ______________? 

What’s your style when it comes to ______________? 

What resources have you leveraged to learn more about ________? 

What is your decision making process when it comes to ________? 

What do you look for before you invest in ________?

  • Describe your current job. 


What are your goals/vision when it comes to ________? 

If there were no limitations in the world, what actions would you take to achieve your goals? 

If no fears or limitations existed, what would your dream [life/body/finances/relationship/etc] look like? 

What is your why? What is the real reason you want to pursue these goals? 

A year from now, what do you envision your life looking like? 

If you could do only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

If you had all the money and time in the world, what would you do? 

What are some action steps you’ve already taken to achieve your goals? 


    What is stopping you from achieving your goals? 

    What have you tried that hasn’t worked to achieve your goals? 

    What is your biggest struggle when it comes to achieving your goals? 

    What are your biggest fears when it comes to __________? 

    Where do you think these fears are coming from? 

    How does this struggle or roadblock impact the progress you’re trying to make towards your goal? 

    How does it make you feel when you hit these roadblocks?  

    What have you tried already to get over these roadblocks? 

    What are your biggest triggers that stop you from taking action towards your goals? 

    What scares you most about __________?


    What is the ultimate solution you think you need to overcome these roadblocks? 

    What is the ultimate solution you think you need to reach your goals? 

    If there were no limitations, what do you think the perfect solution could look like? 

    If you were to be realistic, what do you think you need in order to achieve your goal? 

    What would be the action steps you may need someone to guide you on in order to overcome your challenges / reach your goals? 

    If there were limitations or any fears in the way, what do you think are the action steps you need to take to solve X? 

    What do you think your life would look like if you were able to overcome these struggles/roadblocks? 

    If someone were to help you overcome these struggles, what would a successful outcome look like? 

    If you could create an action plan for yourself, given that there are 0 limitations on time, money, or your ability, what would that action plan look like? 

    What tools do you think are currently missing in your life that are preventing you from reaching the desired XYZ result? 

    If you were to work with someone to help you achieve XYZ goal and solve ABC problem, what would be the top 3 outcomes you would want to see?