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new Coach


Do you love creating a huge impact in the lives of others? Do you take rapid bold action? Have you experienced failure and you know that it’s just part of the path to success? Do you have a great sense of humor? Are you willing to do the work, when needed?

But – despite all of your learning – do you sometimes struggle to put it all together in a system that creates clients for your business? Do you want to be known as an expert coach, or to make a big impact? And are you scared or maybe a little intimidated to go after what you really want next, in your business?

Do you have a secret dark side to your gifts that most people never see? Maybe you love coaching but showing up online feels scary and holds you back from creating the impact you really want? Maybe you are dismissing your own power and knowledge as you worry that you will look stupid not knowing what to say to a client or how to show up online in a way that demonstrates your expertise? 

If this sounds like you, then you and I should have a conversation.


new to Expert Coach Status

1:1 Private Consulting Experience – with Hendra Niekerk

Build a remarkable coaching business that gets people talking.

How can you stand out in a world where everyone is a self-proclaimed ‘expert’?

How do you capture the eye of your dream clients when everyone is doing the same thing?

And how can you sell your coaching when everyone is using noisy tactics to get your dream clients attention?

We live in a world where Facebook ads are in our face every moment of the day trying to sell us something. Where how many followers and likes makes us feel like “we’ve made it”.

A world where you spend time creating real value and it gets a couple of likes and the photo of your dog gets hundreds. 

I created my program to help you create a coaching business that does not rely on the latest internet tactics or becoming popular on social media. 

It’s designed to help you develop skills that connect with people in a real way. With everyone else pitching and selling them on “stuff”. You will be the one that makes a real impact. 

You’ll show up online with an authentic, powerful presence.

The presence of an expert coach. 

I’ll teach you the mindset, tools and techniques that will create your thriving coaching career without depending on funnels, ads and complicated strategies.  

what we will create together

In the next 6 months….

Month #1

Profiling Your Winning Niche

We’ll take your vague idea of an “ideal client” and turn it into a “hell yes” client. Month one is all getting into your dream client’s minds, discovering their deepest fears, pains, what holds them back. We create your brand messaging and story so you become known as an expert coach with a mission to help a certain group of people in a certain way. 

Month #2

Connect – Serve – Lead – Repeat

Month two is where we create your powerful engin that will have your “hell yes” clients in love with you and your business. It’s designed based on a framework of Connect – Serve – Lead – Repeat. Skills you can use to create clients even if Facebook or social media no longer exists. Powerful client creation. 

Month #3

Your Brand & Website

We create your professional brand, design, and build your website using a proven framework that converts visitors to clients. So you have your own real-estate online that does not depend on the mood of social media. 

Month #4

Building Your Asset Systems 

Our goal is for you to be found when people search for answers. We create your Youtube Channel (I’ll also show you how to generate passive income from YouTube). We will also create your On-Demand Training Asset that builds trust and sells your coaching. 

Month #5

Become an Extraordinary Coach

This is where we up level your coaching. Becoming a high-level coach. Creating such a profound impact that your clients will become ravings fans. Allowing you to triple your income as you no longer have the new coach smell. You are a high-level coach able to charge high-level rates. 

Month #6

Economics of A Coaching Business

Here we get really professional and serious about our business. All about (Retirement, Super/401K, Savings, Investments) etc. Always aiming for the long term success. 

We will come together for 3 weeks a month on 60-minute consulting sessions via Zoom. You’ll also have me on Facebook messenger or email for 24/7 support to help you navigate the world of becoming an expert coach. 

i will…


I will not PROMISE you success — that’s out of my control.

And I will not PROMISE you results — that’s up to you.

I will PROMISE to see you as the expert coach I know you are —
no matter what.

I will PROMISE to see you as the expert coach I know you are —
even when you forget to believe in yourself.

You will know that — no matter what— there is someone over here who believes in you. 

I promise to show up on each call giving you my best. 

Your Investment

This a $6,000 investment– a 6-month commitment – and a certainty that you will feel uncomfortable at times. 

This will require you to invest your energy, your time and your commitment into creating something so powerful in your life that it will have a life-long impact – on you and every one of your clients.

Please note: I have a no refund policy because I love people who go all in. If you’re in, you’re fully in. It’s called Commitment. If you want to gain expert coach status, you have to choose to start showing up as one now.

You’re a Hell Yes. Or you’re a Hell No. Nothing in between.

Your next step

We only enter into a consulting agreement when we are both a clear Hell Yes. Nothing less.

If this is a Hell Yes to you, email me the words “Hell Yes” and I’ll get the ball rolling.