Alecia Kaye, Founder of Plugged In Moms

Alecia, The Plugged in Mom, is a divorced Mom with two children 13 and 11 that she now homeschools. Each child has had diagnoses under the mental illness umbrella as well as ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. She has navigated therapies, hospitalizations, evaluations, the schools, and the legal system with her children and done so with resilience, determination, strength, and while taking care of herself and her own autoimmune disease, building a business to support herself and her family, and most importantly having fun.

I absolutely LOVE my new branding that Hendra created. She took my ideas, feedback, and nailed it from the start. The process was easy, fun, and efficient. If you are looking for branding that really speaks to your customer and reflects you and your brand perfectly, then you need Hendra to create it! She’s amazingly talented.

─ Alecia Kaye

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