You are the ONE they have been desperately WAITING for.

Ready to go from being just more noise online, ignored and barely booking clients to attract your best clients and charge the rates you’ve been drooling and dreaming over?

I have an incredible invite for you…

We work intensively together for 3-months on the following things:

Grabbing the attention of your audience with clear messaging.

Your fight is not against other coaches in the same field as you, it’s for the attention of your audience. If your message is dull, undifferentiated, or difficult to understand, it’s just static to be shunted to the trash of the mind.  We’ll craft a simple message that breaks through the noise and mental barriers that prevent your message from taking root. 

A business invite that get a “hell yes” without objections. 

Instead of saying, work with me and some boring copy of why you are the person to work with. We craft an epic detailed invite that builds a visual for people of what it means to be working with you. The ins and outs. Why it is important. What’s in it for them. Who it is not for. What is the price. Clear and detailed. Eliminating almost all objections, and filtering people so only the right people book you. Its magic. 

The story of you

All successful coaches have incredible stories to share. Stories that stick in the minds of their audience. Stories they can retell to friends. We’ll do a power session where I will uncover the story of you. Creating an about page for your website that takes people into a magical world, yes you have magic in your own story, that we will uncover. Allowing people to bond with you emotionally and see themselves in your own story. 

A gift like no other

This is not a freebie, not another information loaded document you’ll be asking people to read. We create your micro book. A small 20 page booklet that offers real insights for those who are desperate for answers. It’s a micro book that demonstrates your expertise by creating a powerful coaching experience for those reading it. They’ll get a sense of what it’s like to be working with you, even before they paid you. Effectively showing your audience, you are the go-to expert they need. It’s a powerful tool that you can leverage to build trust. 

A website that you can share without hesitation and embarrassment. 

We’ll design your website to look and feel high-end, gorgeous and welcoming. Besides gorgeous branding. We’ll create a website that really draws people into discovering all about you. It will speak for you and people will want to spend the rest of their morning (or afternoon) on your site. Which leads me to…

Articles that is loaded with insights

Yup, I’ll show you how to create impact, insightful articles that sell you every single time. Using a thought-leadership framework, you’ll have visitors stuck for hours reading your blog. Simple, do-able posts weekly, templates provided to make them even more powerful for those who are “not good at writing”. It’s time you show off what you know! You can even use them on social media to create a following of raving fans! It’s up to you!

In order to be the best candidate to get results…

You must be a rebel. You must want to grow more than you want to feel comfortable.

You must know your niche well. Nothing we do together will get you any results if you are unclear who you should help.

You must have real-world experience as a coach. Either by coaching your niche for free, pro-bono, etc. We will need the data from your experience to craft compelling content. If you are still figuring out what your niche want or only have ever advised a few friends. This isn’t for you.

You must be willing to do the work on time. You are either ready to invest your time on this now fully without distractions or come back later when you can.

If you hate writing, this won’t be fun for you. This works best for someone that enjoys putting thier thoughts to paper and just need more structure to make them work. 

You must be OK with doing stuff online and being visible. If you are a very shy person, who don’t want to be seen. This is not for you. 

You must be OK with some technical things. You don’t have to be tech expert but at least be able to follow a tutorial to create a post on your website, etc. 

Geez, that was a mouthful…Now for the deeds…

Here’s the deeds, the price, the investment that could change the way you do business forever…

My “fee” for my Fast Tract System: Expert Coach Status is $6000 up front or 2 payments of $3000  but, think about this….

Once we’ve created your strategic online presence where you best clients can easily discover you, dig into your content and start viewing you as an expert coach. You will be ranking in clients who can’t wait to pay you, so really, it’s a no brainer. 

When one of my clients started with me, she charged around $500 per client for coaching. She is now ranking in $5,000 clients and can’t book enough clients. Selling out her group programs and just enjoying every part of her business.

I’m super picky who I work with, therefore, I’d love to meet you first!

Click on the button below and apply for a call. I’d love to get to know you better, see what you are up to and find out if we are a fit to work together.

Limited spots available and people are booking weeks ahead. So make sure you book one in sooner than later if you are eager to get your brand calling in your best clients, now. 

YOU can choose NOT to struggle…by making a bold decision TODAy.

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Cancellation Policy

I have a No Refund Policy for a reason. If you’re in, you’re in. It’s called Commitment. “Hell Yes. Or Hell No”. There is nothing else. Your focus, actions & mind needs to be set on ONE outcome …that is results…and not contemplate another option.