Undervalued To Highly-Paid

How To Start/Grow Your Coaching Business From Scratch And Book Your Best Clients Using FREE Online Marketing Strategies

I’m beyond words right now, that you are here! Ready to grow your marketing and build your thriving coaching business. 

I want to make sure that before you invest in working with me. That you know what I will be teaching you. So you can decide for yourself if this is right for you. 

There is nothing worse than signing up for coaching and two weeks in, you hate the coaching, you hate the tasks, and you just want out. I’ve jumped into coaching myself without knowing the scope of things I would do. And it ended up being a huge regret. 

What I’m going to teach you is the simplest, fastest way I’ve found to get you, clients, and not only fast but consistently. WITHOUT testing 20 different ads to get the best one. Paying for funnel systems that will need loads of testing. 

I’ve done a lot of the guru courses, invested in coaching, read books on marketing. This is what it all comes down to. Other strategies work, but they take more of your money and time to get you results.

I do not promise you clickbaity results. Like make $10k within 3 months. Or sign 10 clients with just 15 mins a day of work. None of that. 

What I am taking you through is going to feel tough at times. It will challenge you. You will need patience with yourself and your efforts. You will fail at some of the strategies at first, until you get it.

But it will work and be worth it.

So, if you are still here, and ready to know what exactly I will be showing you to do. Although a lot of the work will take more time in the beginning. Once most of the pre-work is done, your daily scheduled marketing task won’t be more than 2 hours, less once you’ve gotten used to doing it.  

In your first 90 days, we will be honing on these 3 core strategies. These are designed to get you, clients, without having a massive following or a supernova funnel. 

Month 1 – Niching Down

 ✔ You will do market research interviews (with actual people), online content research, etc to learn what your niche actually wants, and how they view their problems. No use marketing to people who don’t want what you are trying to sell. 

 ✔ Next, we analyze the data you gathered and find the gap in the market so we can position you as an expert in a micro-niche. We move you from a generalist to a specialist. 

*All training will be provided through tutorial video scripts, etc you can watch over and over.

Month 2 – Facebook 

 ✔ You will start building your personal profile audience up (friend requesting targeted people on Facebook) You will use your PERSONAL profile for this. 

 ✔ You will then create targeted high performing content for the niche you chose in month 1 so you demonstrate your knowledge to your niche by actually helping them with FREE content. This gets them to reach out to you interested to hear about your services.

 ✔ If you want FAST results, you can opt for organic outreach by means of direct messaging the people who respond to your content. 

*All training will be provided through tutorial video scripts, etc you can watch over and over.

Month 3 – Youtube

 ✔ You will set up your Youtube channel tailored to your niche. 

 ✔ You will create targeted high performing content that will be SEO powered to give you maximum, ongoing exposure. 

We will also use the content you created for your Facebook profile that performed the highest and create videos of that for Youtube. 

and more.

*All training will be provided through tutorial video scripts, etc you can watch over and over.

Withing in the first 3 months you could already be starting to get clients, if you do the work. Especially your niche research will determine if you get clients or not. 

If at the end of the 90 days, you loved the experience of me coaching you, and found value in what I taught you. You have the option to continue with me as a pay-as-you go client.

We will then work on your scaling and passive income strategies and getting that setup, while you continue doing the daily work to grow your busiensss.  

Still with me?

Ready to start building your epic thriving online coaching business that will keep generating you ongoing clients? Great. Then all you need to do is sign the agreement I sent to you via email. And make your first month’s payment or pay in full for the whole 3 months. 

I’m excited to help you crush your online marketing!

$500 x 3 (three) monthly Installments